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Codie Li

Happiness & Wellness Event Coordinator

Marketing & Media Manager

Codie Li received her bachelor's degree in Biology with a minor in communication from Hamilton College. Prior to joining the Defy Family, she was an assistant account executive at The Dana Agency Public Relations in Miami where her focus was social media development and events planning. While she enjoyed the fun and dynamic lifestyle of a publicist, she always had a passion for health and wellness. Combining her interest and her desire to help others, she explored the field of physical therapy. After shadowing several physical therapists at different clinics throughout Miami, including Defy Therapy & Wellness, and recognizing the impact this field has on both the physical and mental wellbeing of individuals, she decided to pursue a career as a physical therapist and is currently studying at FIU’s DPT program. Codie officially joined the Defy Family to manage our social media accounts, conduct marketing outreach and coordinate events as we continue our mission to help people defy the odds through knowledge about therapy.

Born in Hong Kong and raised in Miami, Codie enjoys immersing herself in different cultures through traveling. Of all the places she visited, Japan is her favorite destination and she looks forward to taking many more trips to the beautiful country. In addition to learning about a culture’s history and enjoying the country’s natural beauty, she loves tasting new and unique types of food. You can find her trying the latest and trendiest restaurants around town.

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  • Kelsey was very professional and taught me so many different exercises. My body felt much better and more relaxed after my session with her. She was extremely personable and knowledgeable as well. -Adam Trieser

  • "My sessions with Kelsey were crucial in my recovery from hand surgery. I had a tendon repaired and the recovery is painful, yet Kelsey made the experience much more tolerable. She is extremely professional and analytical with her patients, at the same time she is very caring and supportive. I have regained full mobility in my hand and it is in big part thanks to Kelsey”.Best, Cindy

  • I retained Kelsey to help me rehab my shoulder after a 2015 surgery. My experience was fabulous! She was the most attentive and knowledgeable therapist I have ever worked with. Her compassion and personalized treatment is unmatched in my experience (and I have had numerous surgeries) and she helped me achieve results far ahead of the timetable set by my surgeon. You need to see Kelsey! The best! -Chet D.


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