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Tara Becker, DPT

Physical Therapist

Tara Becker graduated from Saint Louis University with a bachelor’s in exercise science along with a minor in psychology and later earned a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Since graduating, she has taken a number of manual courses and exercise courses to continue educating herself about the most advanced evidence-based treatment methods. Tara is a certified Graston Technique Specialist (GTS) and specializes in musculoskeletal injuries including post operation, car accidents, injuries, and chronic pain. She also models our idea of holistic wellness by focusing on treating the entire body of her clients rather than just the site of pain.

Unlike many PTs, Tara was never an athlete and did not consider entering the health field throughout high school. Tara originally wanted to be a hairstylist but her mom suggested Physical Therapy after noticing how much she enjoyed studying anatomy and her willingness to help others. Taking her mom’s suggestion, she volunteered at a local clinic in Chicago and was immediately drawn to the amount of time therapists spent interacting and helping their patients on a daily basis. More importantly, she was pleasantly amazed that the therapists were able to make a difference for their patients in just one day. Tara also wanted to educate people like herself, who are not athletes or rarely spend time at the gym, but eager to learn how to exercise properly and not be intimidated by exercise. Once she entered PT school, she naturally followed the outpatient route.

Originally from Chicago, Tara is a globetrotter who has lived in Seattle, Guam, Spain and Vietnam. She also enjoys cooking and testing new recipes. In addition to being a certified PT, Tara is also a certified scuba diver (received her certification in Guam) and loves all activities in the open water such as snorkeling, diving, swimming and more. She has a big heart for animals and is looking to adopt a furry friend of her own, but in the meantime she walks dogs with her boyfriend as a leisure activity.

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  • Kelsey was very professional and taught me so many different exercises. My body felt much better and more relaxed after my session with her. She was extremely personable and knowledgeable as well. -Adam Trieser

  • "My sessions with Kelsey were crucial in my recovery from hand surgery. I had a tendon repaired and the recovery is painful, yet Kelsey made the experience much more tolerable. She is extremely professional and analytical with her patients, at the same time she is very caring and supportive. I have regained full mobility in my hand and it is in big part thanks to Kelsey”.Best, Cindy

  • I retained Kelsey to help me rehab my shoulder after a 2015 surgery. My experience was fabulous! She was the most attentive and knowledgeable therapist I have ever worked with. Her compassion and personalized treatment is unmatched in my experience (and I have had numerous surgeries) and she helped me achieve results far ahead of the timetable set by my surgeon. You need to see Kelsey! The best! -Chet D.


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