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Kelsey Zamoyski, MOTR/L, CHT, CEAS-I

Owner of Defy Therapy & Wellness

Kelsey Zamoyski, Owner of Defy Therapy & Wellness, received her Masters in Occupational Therapy (MOT) from SUNY (State University of New York) University of Buffalo College. Kelsey is a National Board Certified Occupational Therapist (NBCOT), Certified Hand Therapist (CHT), and Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist (CEAS-I). She specializes in treating shoulder, elbow, and hand dysfunction and also develops programs designed to improve clients’ posture.

Kelsey developed her passion for Occupational Therapy after being diagnosed with a genetic joint disorder when she was in high school. She was told nothing could help and should consider a low-impact career. Refusing to accept the negative outlook from doctors and frustrated by the lack of help from multiple therapists, she decided, when she was in college, to learn everything she could about the body and rehabilitate herself. She switched her major from architecture to Occupational Therapy. Armed with this knowledge, she rehabilitated herself. Now, more than a decade later, she continues to shock the doctors with the tasks she can complete (including hands-on manual therapy of her clients) and the sports she can play. Her passion is inspiring people to understand that age and diagnosis are not limitations. She created a place where this is possible and this place is Defy Therapy & Wellness.

Kelsey was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. During her free time, she continues to stay active with mountain biking, yoga, pilates, barre and spinning classes. She favors outdoor adventures and loves exploring the country’s National Parks.

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  • Kelsey was very professional and taught me so many different exercises. My body felt much better and more relaxed after my session with her. She was extremely personable and knowledgeable as well. -Adam Trieser

  • "My sessions with Kelsey were crucial in my recovery from hand surgery. I had a tendon repaired and the recovery is painful, yet Kelsey made the experience much more tolerable. She is extremely professional and analytical with her patients, at the same time she is very caring and supportive. I have regained full mobility in my hand and it is in big part thanks to Kelsey”.Best, Cindy

  • I retained Kelsey to help me rehab my shoulder after a 2015 surgery. My experience was fabulous! She was the most attentive and knowledgeable therapist I have ever worked with. Her compassion and personalized treatment is unmatched in my experience (and I have had numerous surgeries) and she helped me achieve results far ahead of the timetable set by my surgeon. You need to see Kelsey! The best! -Chet D.


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