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Andres Ricardo Medellin Diaz
Tara is the most amazing physical therapist I've seen. I've been playing soccer my whole life and her input has greatly increased my performance and allowed me to recover from serious injuries to my ankles and groin. Thank you so much for all you have done for me Tara! Your work directly helps me and my team to fight human trafficking through soccer! 🔥⚽❌
Al Miller
Tara is a true professional as well as a very understanding, patient and kind PT. DEFY WAS AND IS A GAME CHANGER FOR ME. I HAVE REGAINED NOT JUST MY BALANCE BUT MY CONFIDENCE. I will recommend Defy to anyone, those who need help in balancing to prevent falls as well as those who have any Physical problems that can be treated with excellent Physical Therapy. Defy is five star all the way.
Susan Kaufman
I worked with both Kelsey and Tara and both are extremely knowledgeable. They work with you and are the best physical therapists i have ever worked with either in ny or fla Highly recommend Kelsey for my thumb joint arthritis and Tara for my lower back Thank you both
Steven Mushkin
Kelsey is a wonderful therapist. I’m about to turn 30 and started feeling a slight discomfort in my lower back. I decided to come in and see her and one minute into the session she saw able to see hereditary flaw in my back. I am now on back strengthening workouts. A week later my posture is showing improvement. I am super happy she identified this now before it was to late to fix. Kelsey Is very professional with amazing positive vibes. I would not go to anyone else. I highly recommend her.
Daniel Nagel
I having been working with Kelsey Zamoyski for the past month after coming home from an 8 day hospital stay. I had a very difficult time walking and had balance issues. She designed a program of balance training and exercises to strengthen my core. Each week she adds more work to improve my balance and core muscles. The results have been remarkable. Kelsey has been a godsend in my recovery back to good health. I highly recommend Defy Therapy and Wellness.
Leslie Lawson
Defy Therapy and Wellness is top notch. Not only do they work with clients one on one, they take the time to examine the body as a whole. Tara is amazing: She really gets to the root of the problem and sends a realistic at home plan that really works. Kelsey, the owner, is super helpful and they enforce all Covid-19 mandates. Wish I could give them 10 stars. Highly recommend.
Torsten Maehle
Probably the best Physiotherapist in Florida. Kelsey has changed my life. When I met Kelsey I suffered of serious shoulder pain after an injury in my teenage years that had never been properly addressed. She took the time to analyze my posture and create a plan for me that slowly has helped me recover greatly. She is an expert and shoulder injuries as well as hand but she has also been helping my wife with her lower back pain which has completely disappeared after years of being chronic. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to change their posture, relief their back pain or improve their overall well being.
Lola Sh
After visiting several doctors and physiotherapist both in Europe and in the US I met Kelsey at DEFY therapy and she changed my life. Kelsey taught me how to stand correctly, do exercises to improve my posture, gave me several different treatments in order to ail my back pain which I have had for at least 10 years. Ever since I started my program with her not only my posture has improved but I feel stronger and the pain has completely left my body. I am so happy I met her, She's incredibly knowledgeable and can definitely help with any sort of physical condition that you might have. She has even helped me fix my lower back pain which at a certain point I thought I would have needed surgery for.
Lucy Steinvortz
Best therapists ever! From almost not being able to move my right arm, to going back to my weight lifting exercises, to my yoga and to do everything I want in only a couple of months! They have all the Covid-19 precautions needed and they take excellent care of there patients. They also have the best cupping sessions! I really recommend.
Karin Dunne
Kelsey and Tara are the absolute best! They really know their stuff and work with you to address your problems in order to give you a better quality of life. They've helped me a lot with my shoulder issues and I know I can go back to them whenever I have new questions. It is clear that they care a lot about their patients! I highly recommend them!
Shelly Askenazi
I've been to other physical therapist in the past, but when I began my therapy with Kelsey I realized I've never been to physical therapy. Defy Therapy and Wellness is truely a godsend!! Kelsey loves what she does and the results are amazing!!
Bruce McIntosh
Kelsey is the most knowledgeable shoulder therapist I have found in Miami. When I made my first appointment, my shoulder (torn rotator cuff, torn labrum and previously separated AC joint) was basically in pain and non-functional. After a strict regimen of rehab for several months, with no anti-inflammatories, my shoulder slowly came around. I can now swim, paddle and workout again. Words cannot express my gratitude. If you're in pain don't waste any time, the sooner you get an appointment the sooner you'll be on the road to recovery.
Derek Koegel
Very clean inside and lovely staff. Tara is a quality physical therapist who has helped me recover from my auto accident. I highly recommend Defy therapy for their professionalism, strong work ethics, and overall cleanliness.
Adam Treiser
Kelsey was very professional and taught me so many different exercises. My body felt much better and more relaxed after my session with her. She was extremely personable and knowledgeable as well.
Meryll Bettahar
What an amazing place ! They are doing an exceptional job on me to help me recover from my shoulder injury, Mayra my therapist is incredibly skilled, she is making me seeing huge recovery results after just a few sessions. She is passionate by her job and so qualified !! Thank you so much for helping me !!!
Jesse Feder
Tara and Kelsey are among the most knowledgeable people I know. They are always keeping up with the newest techniques and research which shows how much they care about their profession. For them, it is always the patient comes first!
Chris Lentz
Amazing Therapy - Have worked with several people on my back, and Kelsey / Defy is the best - got me off my back (literally) and back in the gym. Incredible rehab and physical therapy work - Go to Defy Therapy & Wellness - you won't regret it!
Adrian Fischer
Kelsey is wonderful and very caring. She rehabilitated my shoulder which was badly torn and is now working on my other one and my hands. I would definitely recommend them for any therapy.
Carrie Moore
I highly recommend Defy Therapy and Wellness. Kelsey is highly competent, thorough and compassionate working with you and whatever pain or injury you might be facing! 5 Stars isn't enough.
Nicola Martin
I was having major postural issues and after 2 months of seeing Tara, I have not only improved my strength, but I now measure half an inch taller!
goldie silber
Referred friends and family to Defy Therapy & Wellness and was blown away by their professionalism and love for what they do. They truly are amazing and there’s nowhere else like it in Miami. If you want to feel better and get your life back -go see them. Don’t waste your time anywhere else!
David Taylor Vlogs
Honestly, i absolutely love Kelsey and what she is doing. She is the definition of entrepreneurship. Im excited to work with her and take business to the next level! One Patient at a Time.
True Fitness
These girls are top notch. They do a wonderful job of looking at what causes the problem and not just addressing the symptoms. I even got my 70 year old father to go and he hates therapy but loves Defy. If you have pain or want to prevent injury go see them today.
Kelsey and Tara are great at what they do and very caring as well.
Zehav Wolosky
Dr Tara is the best
Great people, highly recommended working with them!
Luciana Dal Santo Lewis
The best phisiotherapy in Miami
Suzanne Barash
Ronnie Petersson
Debra Libman
Pola Chyzyk
Adé Daniyan